In-Home Boarding


comes naturally!

Catering to our clients who visit regularly we offer in-home boarding services to give your pet that true vacation experience! Dogs will play through the day in our fully secured outdoor play areas. Then get a very comfortable and restful night in our fully air conditioned/heated home with a human staff to spoil them!

Our kitty boarding clients enjoy an large open space with windows to lounge in the sun, cat scratchers, toys and comfy beds to sleep on. And as every cat deserves a human staff to cater to their every need!

In-Home Boarding Prices

1 - 14 Days $42 / day
15 + Days $40 / day
Extended Time
1 - 5 Hours $24
5+ Hours $34
1 - 14 Days $30 / day
15+ Days $28 / day
*** Prices do not include tax ***
These rates are for one cat – families who have 2 or more cats will be charged an additional $10/day/cat.
**Please email us directly to to receive our cat boarding paperwork and details on vaccination requirements, how to make a reservation, and what items to bring for the boarding stay**

Hours of Operation

Boarding Services are available 7 days a week. We are closed on Sundays and all statutory holidays to the public. Clients may board their pets through these days however we are not open/available for drop off or pick up. We will ask for specific drop off and pick up times when you make your reservation.
Boarding - Drop Off: Monday to Friday – 5:30am to 2:00pm
Saturday – 7am to 2pm
Boarding - Pick Up: Monday to Friday – 5:30am to 4pm then again from 5:30pm to 7pm
Saturday – 7am to 2pm

Boarding Policies

We have very limited boarding space available and accept reservations from clients we see on a regular schedule for daycare/boarding (at least once every 2 weeks). If you are planning on having your dog visit at least 2x a month ongoing we would be happy to start the assessment process with you. This policy is in place to ensure we keep everyone safe, happy, and stress-free. It allows us to build strong relationships with owners and their pets. If you prefer to use a facility for occasional boarding visits without a schedule commitment we can send along a list of other pet care providers who may be able to help you with boarding as you need.

Our boarding fees are calculated in 24 hour periods of time from date/time of drop off to date/time of pick up. Extended rates are available on the last day of boarding if your pick up time is later than when you dropped off.

Boarding reservations are made on receipt of a 50% non-refundable and non-transferable deposit. We book on a first come first serve basis. Once a deposit is received we will confirm your reservation. We do not offer tentative bookings or holds without a deposit.

Boarding cancellations - please note that we have a strict boarding reservation policy before making a booking and providing your deposit. Our available boarding spots book quickly so before deciding on making a non-refundable/non-transferable deposit please consider the following:

(a) if you are cancelling an entire boarding reservation you are forfeiting 100% of your deposit.

(b) if you are cancelling a portion of your original boarding reservation you are responsible for at minimum 50% of the cancelled boarding days and/or the cost of the entire original booking if we have announced we are booked to capacity for the dates you are cancelling.

(c) your deposit is non-transferable and will not be moved to another set of dates.

Pre-Assessment Process

If you would like to continue in the boarding assessment process please click this link.