November 2020

Finding Them Homes 2021 Day Planners – Hot off the press as they say we have Finding Them Homes Rescue 2021 Day Planners for sale in both reception areas. These planners are beautifully designed and are filled with very cute puppy photos…who can resist! Excellent gift idea and support a very worthy cause!

Paws of the North Rescue – Through the last couple of months we have had cotton face masks for sale. This fundraiser supported Paws of the North (a partner of FTH) and with your purchases we raised $1144 in total of which 50% donated to the rescue! A BIG thank you to Melo’s Masks for making all the masks!

Visit their website to learn more of their work with First Nation communities

Finding Them Homes Rescue Fundraisers – All through October we had some different fundraisers for Finding Them Homes. They took into their care several dogs that required extensive medical attention and all these fundraisers helped with the expenses. The support we received was nothing short of tremendous and we thank everyone who participated and donated. THANK YOU!

Our Fall Photo Fundraiser raised $1175; Raffle baskets and Fun Photos raised $1273! AMAZING!

Finding Them Homes has an online auction from November 13-17. They are looking for donations of gift certificates, handmade crafts and goods, gently used goods (new condition), décor. If you would like to donate something to their fundraiser please reach out to them or drop your item off to us and we will forward on. We will have a gift certificate available to bid on! Details to come on how to join in – follow our Facebook page! Find out more about how the rescue supports our First Nation communities

Precious Paws Rescue – Precious Paws is hosting an online fundraising auction from November 6-8 and we have a TPFP gift certificate which will be available to bid on! Please visit their Facebook auction page for all the details “Precious Paws Rescue Online Fundraising Auction” and happy bidding!

We are still collecting empties ongoing to support Precious Paws. Any bottles/cans that contained alcohol can be donated with proceeds going to the rescue. Thank you!

Facebook – Have you visited our Facebook page? We keep you updated with news, weekly photos, videos, and events. Follow this link - to the page!

Would you be willing to spend a few minutes while you are on our Facebook page to write a recommendation for us? As we start to recover from the losses suffered from COVID we see many new clients find us through Facebook and seeing your reviews really helps! There is a link on the page called “Reviews” where you can share your experiences with us. Thank you very much we appreciate it!

Feel free to “like” anything on the page and if you have questions you can message us directly. Enjoy seeing all the fun we have around here!

Mark These Dates In Your Calendar – Please mark these dates in your calendars that we will have limited services or will be closed. We will remind you of these dates in each monthly newsletter:

Thursday, January 7, 2021 – daycare services available; all boarding dogs to be picked up

Friday, Jan. 8 to Monday, Jan. 11, 2021 – closed to the public (re-open for regular hours on Jan. 12)

There will be other dates throughout the year that are not listed here we will let you know about (statutory holidays for example). We will always keep you informed of these dates!

That’s all for now… thank you everyone for all your support and friendship – we appreciate it!